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About Us

Headstash Supply is the online retail outlet for Kevin and Dennis Simone, @joint.zilla and @gratefulrips.  

We've been making dyes since 2016, we specialize in dress shirts, sweatsuits, and tote bags.  Dye has been a way to explore color, patterns, and garment making.  Every dye we've made has been with love and care.  It means the world to us to see you rocking our art.  

Pendylace spawned from a necessity and convenience.  We've always been collectors, and were originally making laces for our own collections, until our friends began asking us for help with their pendants as well.  we're proud of our lace solutions, we think the knots are very critical for a comfortable pendant experience and we're aware that a lace will get dirty over time, we hope our laces will be viewed as durable but replacable.